All submissions will be accessible to the public. So please stick to the facts and stay polite. Refrain from negative comments towards people opposing the project.


Write a Letter

Written letters have more bearing and meaning than many other types of correspondence.

Click the button below to learn how to make a submission to council.

Send Email

Write to Council quoting the number RA14/1000 via this email –

Click the button below to learn how to make a submission to council.


Paper Petition

Sign our paper petition at select locations all around the Shoalhaven.

Click the button below for a complete listing of our supporters that are hosting Thumbs-Up stickers, Information Cards, Posters and a petition you can sign.

How to Make a Submission


The General Manager looks after all DA applications on behalf of the council.

When writing to council please follow these instructions. It will help your voice be heard.

Shoalhaven City Council
Attn: General Manager
P.O. Box 42
Nowra NSW 2541 Australia

Please quote Development Application submission number RA14/1000 in the headline of your letters or email to council.

Don’t wait for others to do it.

Traditionally, only those that oppose developments submit to councils. If we want this project to be successful – get into action and write a letter. We need as many submissions as possible to show that we are serious about this project.

Do You Have a Form Letter I Can Use?

Form letters do not have as much impact as individually written letters. Form letter submissions are counted as one submission – even if 100,000 letters are received. When form letters are used every letter is identical. Therefore all 100,000 are counted as one letter.

What should my letter say?

Introduce yourself. Give a brief story about yourself and your experience within the Shoalhaven. Highlight the project benefits – economic, social, environmental, recreational/sporting.  You don’t need to highlight everything, pick the issues that you believe to be the most important to you and expand on it. (see the short list to the right )

If you are a local supporting the project, highlight what it means to you, personally, as someone living in the area.

Avoid attacking others – everyone has a right to comment, we simply believe that the positives far outweigh the negative.

Here is an example:letter to council example


Send your letter directly to council using email

There are two ways to send your letter directly to council using email.

  1. Simply write your letter, sign your name – then scan or snap a photo of your letter, attach the scanned letter or photo, and send it to
  2. Write your letter as an email message and send it to

Remember to cite Development Application RA14/1000 in your letter/email!


How you would use the facility
Economic benefits to the region
Speed Off the Streets
Job Creation
  • Short and long term job creation across a spectrum of skill sets
  • Range of skill levels,
  • Low-skill
  • Casual work
  • Career progression opportunities
  • High-tech & advanced manufacturing
  • High-tech & advanced automotive positions
  • Flow-on effect in areas such as accommodation, retail, dining, & entertainment
  • Most events held outside peak holiday periods
  • Potential for large scale events – currently lacking within the Shoalhaven
Safety and Training
  • Killed or Killed Young Drivers Safety (SKYDS)
  • Racing and technical skill education and training
Youth Engagement
  • sporting
  • recreational
  • Indigenous role models rank highly within motorcycle sports
  • Karting activities
  • casual jobs,
  • part-time jobs,
  • full-time jobs
  • cycling
  • running (fun runs, obstacle course runs)
  • youth events
  • Scout meetings
  • Jamborees
  • TAFE Illawarra
  • Indigenous employment agency – Habitat Personnel
  • An MoU signed with TAFE Illawarra to directly engage students
  • automotive industries
  • event tourism/promotion
  • horticulture/land management
  • catering
  • event management
  • etc

Spread the word

Encourage submissions to be made as individuals, teams, organisations and clubs, businesses, etc..


for endless opportunities

The Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex will bring a brighter future for the Shoalhaven