Who is Motorcycling NSW

Motorcycling NSW is the governing body for motorcycle sport in NSW.

Motorcycling NSW is a not for profit, member based, community organisation whose main charter is:

  • The well-being of riders and officials
  • Junior development and training
  • Maintenance of venues and track standards
  • Risk management and all aspects of safety
  • The administration of a controlled and fair competition in accordance with the principles of natural justice and development of motorcycle sport in NSW

bike1 The organisation’s corporate structure is headed by the Motorcycling NSW Board of Directors who lead a professional team of staff from its head office currently located in Parramatta. Motorcycling NSW membership consists of 8,000 competition members, being those who compete in motorcycle sports in NSW, and 16,000 social members and officials. Approximately 40% of participants are in junior categories, with the sport catering for participants of all sexes, backgrounds and ages with its youngest participants being four years of age to its oldest competitor at 82 years old. There are currently over 100 clubs affiliated with Motorcycling NSW.

Motorcycling NSW is also a member of the Motor Vehicle Sports Advisory Committee (also known as the Licensing Advisory Committee), which includes representatives from NSW State Government (Sport and Recreation), Confederation of Australian Motor Sports (CAMS), Australian Karting Association, NSW Police, National Association of Speedway Racing and the Australian National Drag Racing Association.

Motorcycling NSW and affiliated clubs organise social and competitive motorcycle sports activities. There are nine main recognised competitive disciplines in terms of motorcycle sports, being:

  1. Motocross – Undertaken on short off-road circuits, with the “Supercross” derivative being well known for its stadium type events;
  2. Dirt Track – Take place on a flat circular style track not exceeding 1800m with a mix of both left and right bends. The surface is of a smooth loose dirt construction, with no jumps or obstacles;
  3. Classic dirt track and motocross – Designed to provide for older bike types in the dirt track and motocross classes.
  4. Enduro – Typically undertaken over long distances using off-road tracks or stages, and multiple laps in some instances.
  5. Moto trials – Is an untimed competition over obstacles in either a natural state or purpose built course.
  6. Speedway (bikes) – Undertaken on a flat oval racing track.
  7. Minikhana – Refers to junior events, often incorporating dedicated learning tracks and facilities of various disciplines.
  8. Road Racing – High performance racing undertaken on purpose built tarmac racing tracks, typical of well know motorsports tracks such as Wakefield Park near Goulburn and Sydney Motorsport Park (Eastern Creek)in Sydney.
  9. Historic road race – Undertaken on the same purpose built tarmac racing tracks, but using historic motorcycles and sidecars
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Fact 31

The Shoalhaven and NSW South Coast are identified as being areas of disadvantage – high unemployment, low wages and low levels of tertiary education. Short and long-terms jobs across a spectrum of skills sets are to be created.

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The site has the potential to facilitating other events that require large open spaces, a facility that is currently lacking in the Shoalhaven.

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Tourism flow-on in areas such as accommodation, retail, dining and entertainment would be significant throughout the year, supplementing the existing high peak-period tourism experienced during summer holidays.

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