FAQ's about the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex

Where is the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex?

The Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex is located on Braidwood Road which will house Motocross / Supercross, Minikhana / Junior Training, Dirt Track / Flat Track racing, Moto Trials, Classic Motocross and Track and Enduro riding as well as being utilised for its existing purpose of social and recreational Motocross and Trail Riding in a controlled, regulated supervised environment.

This side of the road will be developed as Stage 1 of the project with improved access, parking, a clubhouse and facilities.

The other side of the road will house a 2.5km – 3.5km bitumen track to facilitate Club, State and National Level motorsport for cars, bikes, go karts cycling, running and more.

It will also cater for non-racing activities such as a designated area for driver and rider training as well as corporate facilities.

How did the site and idea for the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex originate?

Motorcycling NSW has long held a vision to create a motorsport complex. Coincidently, Council had reconvened a subcommittee to investigate the possible construction of a motorsport precinct to attract tourism and investment to the local area.

Once a conduit had been formed, the two groups met resulting in the subcommittee recommending council to commence discussions with Motorcycling NSW which they did.

Numerous briefings were put to council officers and councillors throughout the discussions resulting in an agreement being resolved.

Were other sites considered?

Numerous other sites were considered within and outside of the Shoalhaven area.

This site was selected in conjunction with council for its relatively close proximity to local businesses and towns, being adjacent to the HMAS Albatross facility and the existing Motocross facility and the quality of carriageways to the site.

Why was there limited information about this project released to the public?

The project was being investigated and negotiated for some time; however the Motorcycling NSW membership was only informed once it was determined that the project was feasible.

The members of Motorcycling NSW needed to be informed prior to public statements being made.

Once the members were informed and approved the progression of the project, we released further information via media outlets and met with local groups within a week.

How much is Motorcycling NSW spending?

Motorcycling NSW estimates that the project will cost between $12 million and $15 million dollars funded via Motorcycling NSW.

Shoalhaven City Council will not contribute to the cost of construction.

How will Motorcycling NSW afford the project?

Motorcycling NSW has been acquiring funds for this project for many years.

We also have a series of finance options available.

Shoalhaven City Council has placed strict conditions upon Motorcycling NSW to prove financial capabilities prior to the commencement of construction

How much is council spending?

The cost of the land will be bourne by council as an investment in local sporting facilities. Similar investments have been made for other sporting disciplines such as soccer, rugby, swimming and alike. The main difference between this and other sporting infrastructure is that Motorcycling NSW will provide a lease payment annually to council and will be responsible for all maintenance.

The land will be leased back to Motorcycling NSW for $5000.00 per annum. Motorcycling NSW will fund the construction of the facility upon the leased land. The land will always be owned by the Shoalhaven Council and as an extension the local community.

In fact at the culmination of the lease period, Council has the option to take over the facility as a council asset.

Will council be contributing by way of waiving fees or reducing traditional costs, such as rates?


Is the council required to bring services (water, sewer, power) to the site?

No. Services will be provided to the site completely arranged and financed by Motorcycling NSW.

Other than supplying the parcel of land (which will always remain the property of Council), Shoalhaven City Council will not be required to have any further investment into the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex.

Is this complex going to be profitable?

Our modelling shows that the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex will not derive a profit for some time and we have planned to underwrite that cost during the construction stages of the venue.

Once completed, the venue will be self-sustaining with all profits being filtered back into the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex to continually improve the facilities available for the users, the spectators and the surrounding area.

Contrary to reports, the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex will not earn millions of dollars for its owners, but rather, enough to ensure its sustainability long-term.

Is there a final design for the layout of tracks?

Not as yet, civil engineers have been engaged to design the track; however consultation will need to be had with enthusiasts, consultants and stakeholders before a final design can be published.

Was a Flora and Fauna Study undertaken?

Flora and Fauna studies have already been completed by local experts and have been included within the DA.

Recommendations were made such as retaining a habitat corridor which have all been included within the design process.

Other comprehensive studies including (but not limited to), Geotechnical studies, Cultural significance studies, bushfire hazard studies as well as others all providing positive feedback have been undertaken by independent local (where available) experts in their fields to form part of the Development Application.

Will the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex increase traffic in the area?

As part of the Development Application, a traffic and road survey management plan was undertaken with approvals being required by the RMS as a condition of consent.

A traffic management plan has been included in the Development Application which provides advice as to the best way to minimise any congestion in the area.

For major events we will work with local police to keep the effect of any entry or egress of the facility to a minimum.

What will be done about potential Bushfires?

After spending $12-$15 million dollars on the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex, it can be argued that we have a greater concern to minimise any potential bushfire hazards to protect our investment.

As an extension the local community will benefit as well. We commissioned an Independent Bushfire study from local experts as part of our Development Application.

There is no evidence to suggest that the Shoalhaven Motorsports facility will increase or decrease the likelihood of bushfire in the area.

Will there be excessive noise emanating from the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex?

As a condition of the Development Application, local independent acoustic engineers conducted surveys to assess and provide advice on mitigating the noise being emitted from the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex.

Motorcycling NSW has incorporated all the advice received into our plans as submitted in the Development Application.

The acoustic study covers on track activity as well as off track activity such as the use of PA systems.

It is expected that the noise generated by the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex will be less than that generated by the HMAS Albatross which adjoins the facility.

When will building commence?

A Development Application was submitted on Tuesday 25th March 2014.

Once considered by the appropriate authorities, if approved, construction will commence ASAP thereafter. As a condition of commencement, we are required to provide council with a financial capabilities report, amongst other items.

Will the community have the opportunity to inspect the plans?

As part of any Development Application, a community consultation period is required where feedback from the community both positive and negative is encouraged.

This Development Application is no different.

It will be available via the council for inspection and discussion. Further updates and progress will be available via this website as the project progresses.

What will Motorcycling NSW be doing about illegal camping, riding and "hoon" activity in the local area?

Unfortunately, illegal camping, illegal riding and hoon activity is already prevalent in the area and has been for a long time.

Motorcycling NSW will work with the local community, the local authorities, experts in social behaviour and impact as well as enthusiasts to play our part in reducing any anti-social, illegal behaviour through education programs and other initiatives.

We do not condone, promote or tolerate any illegal activity.

We believe the construction of such a facility will provide a legal alternative where anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and where these activities can be undertaken in a controlled, supervised, insured environment, thus getting it off the streets and out of the bush.

Is the business registered as Motorcycling in NSW associated with the complex or Motorcycling NSW Limited?

No. The business known as Motorcycling in NSW is not associated with the complex or Motorcycling NSW Limited.

A search of the Australian Securities and Investment (ASIC) register will confirm that Motorcycling in NSW is a partnership located in Parma NSW and was registered on the 15th June 2013.

Motorcycling NSW is a not for profit organisation and has no affiliation with this organisation.

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Did you Know?

Fact 10

Including competitors, crew, family and friends, there are a large number of people that would be attracted to the facility, not just the competitors themselves.

Fact 21

The site will be a key centre for training and education of the areas youth through programs such as Council’s Skilled or Killed Young Drivers Safety (SKYDS) program.

Fact 29

Partnerships have been formed with TAFE Illawarra and Indigenous employment agency – Habitat Personnel to ensure that these types of opportunities match the needs of the area and can be facilitated through trusted providers.

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