Fact's about the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex

Fact 01

The Commonwealth has announced 50% contribution towards the project infrastructure costs, or $9.5 million, subject to consent for the project being received.

Fact 02

Research shows that a high quality off-road facility such as that proposed, is far more attractive to riders than local level facilities. This will have a direct correlation to illegal trail bike use in our surrounding national parks and reserves.
Similarly, a high level peak body operated facility will have far greater capacity to maintain the environment and educate users on riding safely within the prevailing conditions.

Fact 03

The Motorcycling NSW operated Nowra Motoplex, that forms part of the project site is currently a club level off-road facility, already has a strong membership of around 1,800 people.

Fact 04

The Exercise, Recreation and Sport Survey, conducted by the Australian Institute of Sport between 2001 and 2010 identifies growth of around 50% in the number of motorsports participants in NSW over the recorded period.

Fact 05

The Motorcycling NSW operated Nowra Motoplex, that forms part of the project site is currently a club level off-road facility, already has a strong membership of around 1,800 people.

Fact 06

Participation and the future of on-road motorcycle racing is under particular pressure with limited access to very high cost facilities forcing many out of the sport. These could be the Mick Doohan’s or Casey Stoner’s of the future.

Fact 07

As there will be no camping at the site, there is likely to be a large increase in accommodation demand for the Nowra area, an impetus for new accommodation investment which is sorely needed in the locality.

Fact 08

Social car clubs, such as the BMW Drivers Club, organise a number of events around a motorsports meeting, including dinners and outings for those that are not competing.

Fact 09

Project funding itself is being leveraged from Motorcycling NSW and its affiliates, as well as the national peak body Motorcycling Australia.

Fact 10

Including competitors, crew, family and friends, there are a large number of people that would be attracted to the facility, not just the competitors themselves.

Fact 11

Tourism Research Australia values a sports tourist at $242 per/nt, including competitors, accompanying family, and spectators, that’s 35% more than average tourism expenditure of ($179 per/nt).

Fact 12

The site has the potential to facilitating other events that require large open spaces, a facility that is currently lacking in the Shoalhaven.

Fact 13

Most events would be held during the year and outside the peak periods, supplementing the summer and Easter periods for many tourism providers.

Fact 14

Tourism flow-on in areas such as accommodation, retail, dining and entertainment would be significant throughout the year, supplementing the existing high peak-period tourism experienced during summer holidays.

Fact 15

Programs such as SKYDS have been without adequate places to undertake practical training due to cost of travel to and booking of facilities outside of the region.

Fact 16

The regional scale Qld Moto Park facility was developed and opened in December 2011 with an initial expectation of attracting between 15,000 and 20,000 participants per year, but in the first year of operation saw more than 30,000 participants utilising the facility. This regional level style of facility is similar to that envisaged at the site.

Fact 17

Racing and technical skills education and training can also be undertaken, again being a typical part of the operations of car clubs including BMW Drivers Club and Porsche Drivers Club and many others.

Fact 18

Council operated student training schemes (SKYDS) through to motorcycle riding lessons and emergency services training can all be catered for at the site.

Fact 19

Several organisations and clubs with an interest in this area have identified that there is a lack of places for education to be undertaken in a safe and controlled environment.

Fact 20

Motorcycle accidents and fatalities are particularly high on the South Coast, and particularly within the Shoalhaven.

Fact 21

The site will be a key centre for training and education of the areas youth through programs such as Council’s Skilled or Killed Young Drivers Safety (SKYDS) program.

Fact 22

When not being used for racing events, the site is likely to be used for a range of other recreational activities including cycling, running and youth events such as orienteering, Scout meetings and Jamborees.

Fact 23

The racing circuit will include karting activities, with young aspiring drivers now having a starting point for their careers.

Fact 24

The facility is seen as being of interest to Indigenous youth, with many Indigenous role models ranking very highly within motorcycle sports.

Fact 25

The facility is seen as one which provide opportunities for youth as it is both engaging from a sporting and recreational perspective, and also creates casual, part time and full time work.

Fact 26

Through significant tourism and events activities, the areas youth will benefit via casual employment and opportunities to interact with a variety of site user groups.

Fact 27

Training opportunities are expected to include automotive industries, event tourism/promotion, horticulture/land management, catering and event management among others.

Fact 28

An MoU has been signed with TAFE Illawarra to directly engage their students with the complex, increasing their attendance rates and providing a gateway to employment.

Fact 29

Partnerships have been formed with TAFE Illawarra and Indigenous employment agency – Habitat Personnel to ensure that these types of opportunities match the needs of the area and can be facilitated through trusted providers.

Fact 30

Jobs will be at a range of skill levels, providing for low-skill and casual work for younger people and those entering the workforce, as well as career progression opportunities through to high-tech and advanced manufacturing and automotive positions.

Fact 31

The Shoalhaven and NSW South Coast are identified as being areas of disadvantage – high unemployment, low wages and low levels of tertiary education. Short and long-terms jobs across a spectrum of skills sets are to be created.

Fact 32

According to CAMS, on average motorsports competitors spend between $12,000 and $15,000 each year on motorsports activities, and $60,000 on motorsports vehicle purchases and initial modifications. This would be a high send industry for the region.

Fact 33

The Complex will provide for a range of on and off road motorcycling sporting disciplines – sports that are enjoyed by more than 20,000 active members of Motorcycling NSW.

Fact 34

The existing Nowra Motorplex, operated by Motorcycling NSW and forming part of the project site, has a strong 1,800 person membership, with a distribution of 36% from Wollongong and the south-east (excluding Shoalhaven), 32% from Shoalhaven / South Coast, and 29% from Sydney. The club levels facilities are already attractive to those outside the area (i.e. day or overnight sports tourist) – being elevated to a regional or state level facility will further enhance this level of outside attraction.

Fact 35

In sporting terms, there are close to 50,000 sport or single event licences issued each year, and more the 3,500 events which according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), contribute millions of dollars to the economy – particularly in regional and rural areas.

Fact 36

According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, There are over 800,000 motorcycle licence holders, with 678,000 registered motorcycles in the country, and an estimated double this number of off-road bikes, together creating nearly 15,000 jobs.

Fact 37

The private sector are keen to be involved – one team has a manufacturing business and race six cars, they are ready to leave Sydney for the Shoalhaven with their 17 staff and a further 12 crew. Another business has already purchase land near the site with the intention of establishing tourist accommodation.

Fact 38

The Motorsports Technology Park provides a platform for private sector investment in the region.

Fact 39

The entire project is projected to increase Gross Regional Product by $25 million in the short term, and $56 million per annum in the long term.

Fact 40

A further 100+ jobs are expected in the industry park within 10 years of its development, and more than 200 within 20 years. This part of the project relies on the approval of the track.

Fact 41

100 direct jobs will be create by the facility, including during construction, operation and as a consequence of its use through tourism and visitation.

Fact 42

The site will attract regular participation, with more than 6 million people within 2-3 hours’ drive of the site – a population expected to grow by another million people in the next 15 years.

Fact 43

The Complex would be operated by Motorcycling NSW, a not-for-profit membership based organisation and therefore to the benefit of their members and the sport rather than commercial gain.

Fact 44

The Motorsport Complex will be one of few such integrated facilities across the country, attracting visitation from around NSW and nationally, attending social and competitive regional, state and national events.

Fact 45

The Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex is located within the HMAS Albatross airfield buffer area, protecting the facility from urban encroachment and reinforcing the long-term commitment of the area to retaining NAVY’s presence.

Fact 46

According to CAMS, NSW has the greatest level of participation in motorsports but proportionally have a smaller level of facilities due to a number of closures of tracks in Sydney as a result of urban encroachment.

Fact 47

It will reduce the exodus of motorsport industry spend from leaving NSW due to a lack of facilities, and in turn attract new spending from intrastate and interstate locations.

Fact 48

This mix of industry investment, sporting tourism and events, as well as the ongoing operations of the off-road facilities enable the full value of the facility to be realised with significant long-term ongoing benefits.

Fact 49

Facility will be designed for, and accredited by the peak bodies for, motorcycle, motorcar and kart racing.

Fact 50

The precinct will incorporate the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex race areas, as well as integrating an approved industry business park which will enable a new industry cluster to be formed in the region.

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