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Motorcycling NSW has long held a vision to develop and operate a motorsport facility which will be able to cater for all of its competition disciplines, as well as training and education facilities to develop safe and competent riders of all ages. It has also been envisaged that such a facility would be used by the broader motorsport disciplines as well as the local community.

Events such as go-kart competitions, car racing, driver and rider training, corporate facilities, remote controlled cars and cycling events would all assist in making the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex financially independent and appealing to a wide audience.

learnig driver While some private or autonomously operated (government owned) motorsports facilities operate in various locations in NSW and across Australia, access and booking of these facilities is increasingly difficult if not impossible for many smaller regional clubs due to restrictions on use, distance from facilities and the resulting high costs of participating.

The Shoalhaven Motorsports Complex would provide this comprehensive facility, re-developing the off-road facilities at the Nowra Motorplex and an adjoining site to provide for the complete suite of off-road and on-road infrastructure.

Through their active on-site role, Motorcycling NSW will encourage a range of peak bodies/clubs to utilise the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex as long as they comply with the minimum standards of safety to be set, and enforced by, Motorcycling NSW and comparable peak bodies for cars and karts. National, State and regional corporate organisations will also be encouraged to utilise the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex for corporate events and team building exercises, potentially in co-operation with local accommodation providers for example.

Motorcycling NSW would further encourage and invite the local community to use the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex for events such as school cross-country runs, cycling events, orienteering, scout camps and similar outdoor activities.

In addition, the site will become home to numerous levels and opportunities for coaching and training. These activities are typically aimed at younger age groups to encourage safe and environmentally conscious riding techniques and to ready young drivers for the open roads. Opportunities would exist for formal training camps, professional level one-on-one tuition, as well as training for emergency services.

The on-road facilities would also suit the launch/testing of motor vehicles and other products and the filming of television commercials for products such as motor cars, motorcycles and the like. The Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex could be ideally suited for displays and shows with its large open spaces, proposed corporate facilities and connections to potential high-tech manufacturing and technology at the adjoining Albatross Aviation Technology Park.

It is foreseen that the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex will be an integral community asset, combining driver/rider, training/education programs, and safe/legitimate sporting pursuits to be undertaken in a controlled and professional environment. The youth of the community will be engaged through the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex being made available with as much flexibility as required for a variety of potential uses.

In summary, there would be six main events types at the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex:

  • Motorsports competition – at a range of levels and utilising the numerous discipline areas, both on and off-road;
  • Motorsports clubs – who will be able to access track time for a variety of competition and social events;
  • General motorsports use – provided for by general entry or casual event days, where participants can purchase track time in a variety of disciplines;
  • Community use – for a variety of different uses that may or may not be motorsports related;
  • Corporate use – such as vehicle testing, filming of commercials, or corporate events that may or may not be motorsport related; and
  • Training and education – for a variety of users such as school groups, corporate or public organisations and for specialist tuition.

The intent of the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex is to encourage a diverse range of uses that results in high levels of utilisation of the infrastructure, maintains a steady and consistent level of activity at the site.

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Did you Know?

Fact 07

As there will be no camping at the site, there is likely to be a large increase in accommodation demand for the Nowra area, an impetus for new accommodation investment which is sorely needed in the locality.

Fact 27

Training opportunities are expected to include automotive industries, event tourism/promotion, horticulture/land management, catering and event management among others.

Fact 04

The Exercise, Recreation and Sport Survey, conducted by the Australian Institute of Sport between 2001 and 2010 identifies growth of around 50% in the number of motorsports participants in NSW over the recorded period.

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